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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy 13th Anniversary and an Embarrassing Moment

This past week was my 13th wedding anniversary so I thought I would share a little about myself in celebration of the fun years my husband and I have had together. And to make it worth your while, I will end this post with one my husbands favorite memories and one of my many embarrassing moments.
How it started:
Kenny and I met in January 1998 at a kava party. He ask me to dance in Club Kitchen and I said yes. He was the perfect gentleman dancing arms length away from me. Oh your wondering what club kitchen is? All those good looking guys in one house and the plethora of parties they threw inspired a disco ball as a kitchen light. The music was always loud and the crowds were always coming and going - dancing was a must. 
Our first kiss was on March 17 1998. He kissed me goodnight on my for head.  It was the sweetest kiss I have ever gotten.
We dated through the summer and I had to tame him of his wild ways before he thought about settling down. I was not nor had I ever been into the lifestyle he was currently living. By July he told me he loved me. I knew I loved him with that first kiss on my for head. :)
I knew he was serious about me when he bought a gun and gave it to me. That was long term commitment from him.
We were engaged on October 3, 1998 and married in April 1999.
Our marriage:
I am not one to boast about perfect relationships. I feel like most of the time people self promote their perfect relationships is for selfish reasons. The person who needs to hear it is the one you love. So instead of professing our "perfect love" I will share with you memorable snip its of our life together.
Two months married and I was going insane. That man never replaces a roll of toilet paper. After finally having the last time I was willing to be stranded on the toilet we had a little talk. I told him how it really bothered me that he would leave an abandoned toilet paper holder knowing it needed to be replaced. In turn he said ok, it really drives me nuts that you don't shut the cabinet doors all the way. You walk under them, I walk into them.
I looked at him and said "WHAT? I'm not perfect?" Then we laughed and found our happy medium of telling each other how we feel. I highly recommend it because it makes life easier.
Our heartbreak:
After seven years of no pregnancies we elected to pursue infertility treatments. In June of 2006 we did in vitro fertilization. It failed, meaning his little men and my eggs were both missing genetic receptors that allow fertilization to occur. The embryologist and reproductive specialist were floored. They had never seen anything like it before.
Our joy:
In January 2007 we adopted a very beautiful little girl. Followed by a little boy February 2008.
Our family is complete.
Now here is the fun stuff ;-)
It drives me crazy that he puts things in high places. True he is 6'4 and eye level is one foot higher than my own eye level; but when I have to look on top of the fridge for the remote control or other important stuff it gets old and I feel short. I get after him and he just laughs.
It drives him nuts that I unlock the truck door get in and then ten miles down the road people start honking at us and pointing to the door. Yup I left the keys in the lock.
I giggle. :)
I love that Kenny is big, strong and intimidating.
I love that he makes me feel safe all the time.
I love that an old man in a wheel chair rammed into to Kenny (with said wheel chair) and said " Didn't I see you on WWF last night?"
Or when the the 100 year old black gentleman told him he always wanted his daughter to marry a guy like him because "big boys make good cotton pickers." Then the old man laughed hysterically with his toothless grin, slapped Kenny on the back and said just "messin' with you."
I love that he gracefully was hit on by a very attractive man in Seattle. Kenny ordered a meatball sub and the sub maker said "I'll make a special meat ball sub for you mister." Kenny blushed and the sub maker giggled. I think Kenny made his day.  
I love that he handle's all of these situations with a sense of humor.
I love that he handles me and my emotions..
I love that  he loves me.
So thank you for indulging me by letting me reminisce about good times and bad times. As promised, here is one of Kenny's favorite stories to tell about me and happens to be one of my most embarrassing moments.
While we were dating I went on a deer hunting trip with Kenny and a camp full of Kenny's closest hunting buddies.
We were hiking through the aspens stalking a deer and I had the BIGGEST gut bomb coming on. I told him to go ahead and walk ahead of me I wanted to enjoy the views. He was about 30 yards in front of me when I felt it was safe to "let one go".

It was loud.
Louder than I thought it would be.
After I felt the immediate relief he turned around and put his finger to his lips and said "shhhh your going to scare the deer."
I wanted to die. I just knew the relationship was over.

To this day I still blush because of the horrendous noise and he still loves me despite it.

Oh and his hunting buddies, they all thought it was funny too.

The blue dart jokes were endless.......



Bekka said...

Aweee this is so sweet. Happy anniversary! I'm getting married next month and I just love reading posts like these. :)

Jenni Elyse said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Congratulations on being able to adopt your two kids. My husband and I can't have kids either. Unfortunately, we haven't had the money to adopt because my husband has horrible health problems. For a while, I had a hard time with it, but now, I see it as a blessing for us and our marriage. But, I do understand that heartache of trying. I'm glad it worked out for you!

Passing Pages said...

Lovely moment right there ;) I would be so...hah well I don't know if I would be able to face any of those guys again! Congrates on 13 years!

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

Bekka, Congratulations! I hope it's a perfect day for you. Marriage can be wonderful, I wish you the best.

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

Jenni Elyse, thank you. We did private adoptions and they cost a fraction of regular adoptions. We are very blessed. Although, I know if it didn't happen we would be just as happy spending the rest of our lives together without kids (as you are). I appreciate your comment. :)

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

Passing Pages, oh dear, a moment I will not live down. The guys were pretty fun about it - thankfully. :)

Heather Ostler said...

I just loved this post. Happy Anniversary!