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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Tour Guest Post by Kendra Foster from Growing Pains

I would like to introduce you to Kendra Foster. She is smack in the middle of growing up. Oh boy!!


Hi, my name is Kendra. I am in the middle of growing up. You have to hear my story. From family to boys and everything in between I navigate through the waters of growing up. I take it all the ups and downs in stride (or at least I try….).

I have problems at home and with my family. I thought making cheerleader would solve all of my problems but it created one I could have never seen coming. High school is quickly approaching and my dreams of attending The Academy seem more impossible with each passing day. Every time I think I have the answers they change the question.

Come along on the journey. We can get through this maze together. Together we will stay positive, keep it moving and never ever give up!

I know some of you are already grown up. No matter this story is still for you. Come and take a trip down memory lane. Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries is a great blast from the past.

If you are reflecting on this past or charging ahead Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries is a must read.
Thank you for stopping by Kendra.
K.P. Smith
Growing Pains; Kendras Dairies is the first book in the series chronicling the journey of Kendra Foster from adolescence to adulthood.

I aspire to encourage, entertain, and inspire young adults. Life has its ups and downs, its bumps and its bruises. But with perseverance, determination, and faith you can be all you were born to be.
Never Give Up!


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