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Friday, July 1, 2011

tgif @ GReads #1

This is my first post with TGIF at G Reads. When I read today's question I had to post about it -

Mr & Mrs: Who are your favorite book couples?

There are many endearing couples is so many books I have read. I faithfully hope that they end up together. But occasionally there is a couple that fits together perfectly. They compliment each other realistically, love unconditionally, realize that their partner is not perfect nor are they themselves and they each treat their partner as an  equal. They are mates, partner's and friends. These are qualities that I believe can and are realistic to life. So here is my list, hope you like!

-Po and Katsa from Graceling. Katsa is who she is, knows what she wants and does not want. She fights for what she believes in and is loyal. Po loves her, is honest with her and even challenges her mentally and physically. He supports her and she him. They have no desire to change or change each other.

- Adam and Mercy from The Mercy Thompson series. She can handle that alpha and appreciate him at the same time. They butt heads yet compromise, communicate and make a great team. 

- Curran and Kate. Again, a couple that challenge each other deeply. When they finally let the walls down that guard their hearts they let the other person into their lives completely and faithfully. I admire this series because Kate and Curran are friends before lovers. They are helpmates and would easily give their own lives to protect their mate's.

Hope you enjoy reading my sappy thoughts on my favorite couples! I would enjoy hearing your comments on these couples and look forward to reading your GReads post for the week.

Happy Reading,


Neri said...

I love Adam & Mercy! I definitely need to read the Kate and Curran books especially after reading what you wrote.

Btw, I love the Downside series. Although Terrible is described as(Terrible)he has completely grown on me. :)

New Follower

Brooke said...

Nice list! Have a good hop!


kathy said...

I don't know those couples. I think I'll have to add some books to my TBR. :)

barmybex said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog.

I haven't read any of those books but they sound like great couples, especially Graceling. Will have to read that book :D

Have an amazing weekend.

RhiannonPaille said...

Did I mention I'm PSYCHIC too? SUPER MOM/WRITER/BLOGGER/PSYCHIC. Gah . . . I manage to fit it all into one day. OH and I'm organizing a COMIC CON too . . . Head Coordinator, SOOOO glad we have a team!

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Eve Dallas (homicide cop) and her hubby Roarke fit together like PB&J.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

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